Feature Friday: Go Low and Get Out



ADV-LP Overland Bed-Rack

Introducing one of our newest additions to the Wilco Offroad product line. Coming in both 5′ and 6′ with Universal mounting hardware, this rack is a great addition to any full and mid size rig looking to maximize the amount of gear they can carry. This rack is the sister product to our original ADV-SL bedrack, but a little lower and leaner.

Our ADV-LP (Low-Profile) rack helps keep your tent, bikes, cargo, etc. lower than most racks on the market. At this height, your cargo and gear stays out of the wind, but still high enough that you have useful and accessible space underneath. We utilized aluminum side rails to keep weight to a minimum, and steel load bars to keep the rack rigid and strong.  

The LP rack is 14” tall from the top of your bed rail to the top of the cross bars, allowing easy access but a lower center of gravity and wind resistance. All together, the rack only weighs around 80lbs and can accommodate tons of different accessories. With laser cut mounting holes for fuel and traction boards, as well as integrated rear light mounts, gear storage and access is a breeze.

We are often asked why we didn’t go lower, but we have been there and tried that. Lower racks start limiting the access you have to the bed, making you “army crawl” underneath to get your gear. In addition to this, we kept the rack tall enough to allow for gear to be mounted on the sides of the rack.

With our bed racks, we also recognize that most people’s trucks are dual purpose and not just a dedicated trail rig. With the load bars being adjustable and removable, when it comes time to carry large/tall loads, you can slide the cross bars out of the way; keeping your bed height unrestricted.


As always, these racks are USA made and have a limited lifetime warranty. More product info can be found here and can be purchased right off of our website.


If you have more questions, feel free to shoot us an email at info@wilcooffroad.com