NEW Video | Get Lost. Be Ready.


I’ve always been directionally challenged. I’m that guy who can be a few blocks from the house and not totally sure how to get home without consulting my phone. Growing up riding dirt bikes in the desert my dad taught me two things. One, always be taking mental note of the surrounding landmarks: power lines, mountain ranges, etc., so you can find your way home. And two, never leave camp without a full tank of gas and a full Camelbak™. The desert can be a very disorienting place. Riding or driving across the desert, you get in a rhythm looking at the terrain right in front of you. It’s all fun and games until you look up and ask, “where’s camp?” It’s a thrill to head out into wide open country like the desert with no preplanned route and no destination. To be completely free to make split second decisions on your direction. However, with great freedom comes great responsibility. When you get lost, run out of gas, or suffer a flat tire, will you be ready?

Here’s to the freedom to get lost and the readiness to make it home.

See you out there,