The Hitchgate: A Closer Look


The Hitchgate: A Closer Look

When it comes to outfitting the rear of your vehicle with your full size spare, there are a ton of options on the market. There is everything from full swing out bumpers that require a sawzall to install, to throwing it on the roof with a ratchet strap. We aren’t here to say one is better than the other, it’s a big world out there and everybody has different needs.

We saw the need for an option that is capable, lightweight, and adaptable. While some people commit their rig to be a full-time overland machine, there are a lot of people that use their rig for everyday life. Your primary offroad and overland vehicle might be your 9-5 commuter or your job-site hauler. The hitchgate is designed to be easy to install, be rock solid when you need it, and easy to remove when you don’t.

When we first started designing the Hitchgate over 10 years ago, it started out as wanting to create something that can easily be added onto any vehicle and carry a full-size spare without taking away from the practicality of your vehicle. The Hitchgate (as the name suggests) mounts in almost any 2″ receiver and can be outfitted in minutes onto most vehicles. This allows you to swing your full size tire, fuel, bike rack, etc. away to give you full access to the back of your vehicle


Hitchgate Solo Hi-Clearance

Additionally, we wanted to focus on rugged, fail proof designs. We come from a background of desert racing and traveling to remote areas where gear failure is not an option. On all of our hitchgates, we feature a single pull-pin design.  We went with this for several reasons, the biggest being simplicity and reliability. After testing with different slam latches, cam latches,  and toggle latches, we found that they all had fail points. Whether it be miles of washboard roads, dirt buildup inside of small components, or corrosion, we needed something that didn’t need service and couldn’t fail. Have you ever dug through Baja silt looking for a 1/2″ long spring? We have. The single pull-pin never needs service or adjustment and can be caked with mud, silt, snow, or salt without skipping a beat. The pin comes with a tether so it can’t be misplaced, and at the absolute worst case, a simple 1/2″ bolt can be substituted in at a moments notice.

Since it’s origin, the Hitchgate has evolved into a family of products that each have a different specialty. From the light-weight and versatile Solo, to the heavy hauler Offset that can carry your 40″ spare, or the gear focused max that can carry everything you need. We believe that it doesn’t matter what you drive, what matters is being prepared for the road ahead. Some might not be crawling through Moab or roaming Baja backroads, but it doesn’t mean that they should settle for gear that wouldn’t be up for the task.

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