Bed Mount Tire Carrier – Ford



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BED MOUNT TIRE CARRIER – FLAT Wilco Off-Road Bed Mount tire carrier mounts an over size spare tire directly and securely to the truck bed. A large mounting plate is employed to distribute the extreme loads encountered when covering rough terrain off-road. The Y-Bar and polyurethane wheel cone keeps the spare rock-solid in the bed while allowing for quick wheel changes. For extra security, a steel safety cable loops through a flush mounted D-ring, serving as a leash connecting the spare to the truck. This cable can also be used in conjunction with a lock (sold separately) to frustrate tire thieves. BED MOUNT TIRE CARRIER– ANGLED Bed Mount Pre Runner mounts your spare tire directly to the truck bed at a rearward-facing 30-degree angle that provides a more ergonomic position for faster tire changes. This Tire Carrier allows for mounting a Hi Lift Jack and other accessories. KEY BENEFITS Provides secure spare tire mounting directly to the truck bed. Read more about the Bed Mount Tire Carrier and get a step-by-step install guide from FOURWHEELER.COM