Wilco HQ - Howdy Texas

Wilco Offroad was born in the back office in a machine shop in Santa Ana, California. We started with humble beginnings, making products that we saw a need for in our day to day lives. We started with 3 guys crammed in an office and a single pallet rack for our inventory.

As time went on, through perseverance and constant learning we grew. Through grass root meet ups and trail rides we got our product in front of people and started figuring out how to improve what we offered. We adopted the mindset of always be improving, and never cut corners. 

Several years and many long days and nights later, we had leased out our own building and the 2 units next door and were packed to the brim. In the middle of the most tumultuous year of our lives, 2020, we decided to pull the trigger on a warehouse outside of Austin, Texas where we could get the room and the freedom to grow the way we knew we could.

We loaded semi-trucks as full as we could make them and sent them all east to our new home in Burnet, TX. We have had the opportunity to increase our production and get more orders out the door in record time. We are so thankful for the support we have gotten from this community over the years and we look forward to the road ahead.