We've compiled some of our most commonly asked questions about our company and our products. Feel free to read below to see if you may have some of the same questions!


Where are you located?

We are located in Burnet, TX. Roughly an hour Northwest of Austin. We were founded in Santa Ana, CA, and relocated here in the fall of 2020

Do your products come with a warranty?

Yes, all the products that we manufacture come with a limited, lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. You can read more on this here.

Can your products rust?

All of our bed racks and tire carriers come powder coated by industry leading powder coaters. While these coatings are some of the toughest metal finishes you can come by, they are not invincible. Scratches through the powder coat that expose raw metal can, and will, rust if not touched up. Also, products exposed to extended amounts of salt, weather from salt water or road salt, can eat through the powdercoat if not cleaned and maintained regularly (the same goes for your entire car). Scratches, dings, and weather exposure to the coating are not covered under warranty. If you have scratches or damage upon delivery, please document and reach out to our customer service dept. or shipping company as soon as possible.