Hitchgate Fitment Guide

Guide to Hitchgate Fitments:  Will it fit?
While we have designed and adapted our hitchgate and hitchswing carriers to fit a multitude of vehicles, there are still some technicalities and special circumstances that can create some issues when installing your hitchgate.
For starters, our Hitchgates (and hitchswings) are designed to work with 2" hitch receivers that are class III and above. We offer a 2.5" hitch adaptor to work with HD trucks equipped with a 2.5" hitch. 
Things you will want to check before purchasing:
Do you have a factory bumper?
Yes - Cool, keep going!
No - Cool, check to make sure that your hitch is no more than 1" receded under your bumper (check for recovery mounts, sensors, and shackle hooks). We 100% recommend reaching out to our customer service department for further direction.
Do you have at least 4.5" of clearance inside your hitch?
Yes - Awesome! Read below to make sure you have the correct measurements
No, Not Sure, Huh? - Measuring from the hitch pin hole to the back of the hitch (the end towards the front of the vehicle), make sure you have at least 4.5" of clearance. Meaning that there isn't a backplate, muffler, spare tire, etc. within 4.5" of your hitch receiver. 
If you don't have that distance, reach out to our customer service department for further assistance. 
Do you have at least 7" between the top of your hitch and bottom of the rear hatch (or tailgate when lowered)?
Yes- Awesome! You won't run into height clearance issues on any of our hitchgates.
No - Thats okay! Our Standard and XL Solos work down to a 3.5" clearance, this includes hitchswings as well. Reach out to our customer service department for more info!
Below are vehicles that have had installation issues. Just because they are listed, does not mean that they can't work. However, we highly recommend consulting our customer service department before purchasing if they will be installed on a vehicle listed below.
Known Vehicle Issues:
WJ (99-04) Jeep Cherokees 
Honda Elements
Dually Sprinter Vans
Tacomas with Pelfreybuilt, CBI, or C4 Fab High-Clearance Rear Bumpers

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