Hitchgate Switch - Blemished
Hitchgate Switch - Blemished
Hitchgate Switch - Blemished

Hitchgate Switch - Blemished


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This item is a scratch and dent. This is an unused product that either has slight manufacturing defects or minor cosmetic blemishes. Limited Warranty. Non-Returnable

More options, and better fitment. The Hitchgate Switch is designed to carry up to a 37" tire on a full size truck and has options to carry tons of gear. 


  • Integrated Bolt-Action lock-pin to hold gate open when at camp or parked on an incline
  • Secondary Cargo Hitch on the swing arm to carry a bike rack or cargo rack
  • Adjustable Wheel Mounting Plate allowing the tire to be set closer or further from the vehicle depending on wheel offset and gear load out
  • Tow Rated hitch for up to 7,500lbs with a 750lb tongue weight


Additional Gear


Hitchgate Switch (UHG4100): Most popular product. Great for Midsize vehicles up to a 37”(4Runners, Tacoma's, Colorado's) and Full-Size up to 37”(Silverado's, Dodge Ram, Ford F150, F250, Sequoias, Etc.)


***Fitment Notes - 

Identify that you have at least 4 ½” from your hitch pin hole towards the front of your vehicle. Doing so will ensure that the Hitchgate will be able to engage its wedge lock design eliminating any wobble or play in your receiver that you may have. 

Factors that can result in the receiver tubing not fitting can be caused by: 

  • Receiver tubing has a plate on the back end of the receiver that restricts the hitchgate tubing from running back enough for the wedge lock to have room to engage or hitch pin holes to align.
  • Some model vehicles have a muffler in the rear that interferes with how far back the tubing is allowed to run. This will require the muffler or exhaust components to be relocated.
  • You want to make sure the face of your hitch receiver recedes no more than 1” behind your bumper. 


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