Vertical Tiregate
Vertical Tiregate
Vertical Tiregate
Vertical Tiregate
Vertical Tiregate

Vertical Tiregate

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Larger tires are typically first on the list when outfitting a rig for more serious off-roading. The classic rookie mistake often made is to upgrade to four larger tires with a more rugged tread, but skimp out on the full-size spare. It’s all fun and games until things go wrong. The Tiregate Vertical Mount Prepares you for when things go wrong.

A flat tire without a full-size spare could mean limping along for hundreds of miles on a puny spare. Potentially doing damage to your gearing and suspension. Not to mention losing out on all the fun of using your vehicle to it’s full potential.

Anyone seriously looking to head into the back country knows carrying a full-size spare tire is essential. However, finding an ideal place for a full size spare can be difficult. On many vehicles a full size spare won’t fit in the stock location. Even if it does, carrying a spare under the vehicle is vulnerable to damage from rocks, reduced ground clearance, and in the likely event of breaking down on uneven terrain could be inaccessible without massive amounts of earth moving.

The Wilco Off-Road Tiregate Vertical Mount (VT) replaces the factory tailgate to carry an over size spare tire vertically over the rear bumper, freeing up precious cargo space. The Tiregate VT’s patented swing-away design allows for full use of the cargo bed – perfect for camping, crawling, working, or everyday use. The Tiregate VT installs with no drilling required. When it comes time to sell your rig, the factory tailgate is easily reinstalled with just a few bolts.


  • Carry an over size spare tire while maintaining full use of the truck bed
  • Available Hi-Lift Jack mount for safely securing Hi-Lift and saving precious cargo space
  • Patented swing-away design
  • Durable powder coat finish for enduring the elements
  • Accommodates up to 40″ tires on full-size trucks / 35″ on small trucks


  • The Tiregate line of tire carriers are engineered and designed around stock/unmodified truck beds. Fiberglass bedsides (etc) may require additional reinforcement that we do not supply or support.
  • Plastic parts such as cap plugs and plastic coating on the t-pins are not subject to our lifetime warranty. If you need replacement plastic parts, email us and we can supply you with what you need at fair market value for the parts.

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