Weld-On Tire Carrier
Weld-On Tire Carrier
Weld-On Tire Carrier

Weld-On Tire Carrier


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We now offer our swing arm with a weld-on pivot bracket to take the guess-work out of your tire carrier. Pivot bracket mounts best on a flat surface with a 90 degree angle at the end.

Bracket Dimensions:

Length: 13.5″

Height: 5.5″

90 Degree bend length: 2″


Swing-arm Options:

Standard: Swing arm is 25″ long from center of wheel plate to pivot point

Great for up to a 35″ tire on mid/full size trucks


XL: Swing arm is 30″ long from center of wheel late to pivot point.

For 35″-37″ tires on full size trucks, or vehicles with barn doors.


Hitchswing: 30″ long arm with welded hitch receiver.

Great for bike racks or cargo baskets.


DISCLAIMER: Wilco Offroad is not liable for the craftsmanship, modifications, or welds done to this product after it leaves our facility. If you are not confident in your welding or fabrication, have this installed by your local welding or fabrication shop. 

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